Africa is a wonderful destination for a holiday.  Wether it be to immerse yourself amongst the fabulously unique wildlife, experience local culture and traditions,  enjoying the fantastic food and divine wines, catch up on some well deserved shopping, pampering to having a round of golf or two, catching some waves, spotting whales, tramping, adrenalin seeking bungy’s…. AFRICA has it all.

The problem lies is size – Africa is such a huge continent. it is as big as United States, China, India and most of Europe all put together…. or  3.93 times larger than Australia…  That makes it difficult to choose where to go to, what to do, what to see, what is the best time to go and so many other possible variables to consider when travelling.

If you wish to find out…   Where  is the best wine region?  Where do the buffalo migrate to and from during the Great Migration?  What time is the best time to see wildlife? Where do I find cow dung paintings? Is English understood throughout Africa?  ‘I have heard Africa has some of the best diamonds and gold, where should I buy these from?’, Should I travel with a small group or a large group on safari?

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Lioness and cubs

Tips for Africa, travel made easy; Always travel with a reputable company that has good referrals.

Choose a small group Safari: A tour is not the same as a safari – one of the main differences would be the numbers of travellers on a tour far exceeds the numbers on a safari, so choose a small group safari to receive a more personal holiday experience.  A small group safari should have between 6-12 guests but in South Africa 24 would still be considered a small group.

With so many African tours to choose from, where do you start?   Most African tour companies take in the main tourist sights but if you travel as a small group, ie on a small group safari, you will have more flexibility and experience Africa unhurried and up close and personal. When you are travelling as a small group on a safari, you will treated as a guest, a friend rather than another tourist.

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African Wildlife



We often hear the words ‘went to Africa to see the Big 5′ so without seeming ignorant what are they?  The African Elephant, the African Lion, the African Leopard, the Black/white rhinoceros and the Cape Buffalo make up the big 5 game animals in Africa.

Why do we call these one the Big 5? The Big 5 game animals in Africa were originally referred to as a hunting term.  The animals were chosen not because of their size but due to the level of hunting difficulty on foot. Due to endangered status of some of these mighty animals it is no longer a sporting achievement, we are still able to ‘shoot’ via our camera and preserve these precious creatures.

The safest countries in Africa to see the African big five game animals would be found in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi or Zimbabwe.

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