Ok, so you have decided to go on an African Safari – Fantastic!  However, have you considered including a night game drive?  A night game drive or walk will enhance your African experience tenfold.  There are so many wonderful creatures that  are nocturnal so the only way to see them is go view them is at night.

A night game drive, or nocturnal game drive is an important part of any African safari experience.  This rare creature, one of Africa’s most elusive animals, the aardvark, only comes out at night so you will only encounter one if you brave the African night and venture out.

african rhinoceros silhouette

An African night game drive often starts when the sun goes down creating incredible backdrops of wildlife silhouetting against the stunning African sunsets.  Wether you partake on foot or via safari vehicle a night game drive is a incredible way to spot creatures that you wouldn’t normally see in daylight.  African civet, aardvark, leopard, honey badger, pangolin, aardwolf, bushpig, caracal, porcupine, serval, sidestriped jackal are just some of the African nocturnal animals to see on your night game drive.


If you are going via vehicle on a night drive, make sure you are dressed warmly and cover yourself with a lovely blanket while your night drive guide will expertly explore the wilderness with you, pointing out unique creatures and explaining what the different sounds are.


Most National Parks in Africa close their gates around 6:30 pm like Kruger National park for example.  This means that the only way to conduct a night game drive would be via a scheduled night game drive where you get picked up from your nearby accommodation.  A night game drive is an experience for your senses with unique night sounds, incredible starry skies and the thrill of spotting the elusive night animals.