Africa is famous for their game drives and rightfully so as it is the ultimate experience  in order to witness the beauty of African and all she beholds.

Africa game drives are both thrilling and rewarding where you will benefit from the brilliant knowledge that expert rangers pass on throughout the experience.  Please expect early starts –  the crack of dawn is definitely the best time to witness the animals quenching their thirst before the day gets hot.  Temperatures in the day are often frightfully hot so the wildlife takes a rest and so should you before the afternoon game drive begins.


An African game drive is certainly a highlight of anyone’s African safari experience however there are some tips that can make it better.  What to wear is one of the important factors to consider on a game drive.  The 5 am wake up means that the early morning departure will be cool. Take layers for comfort but make sure the clothing colours are light in colour but not camouflage to blend in with the surrounds.  Dark colours also attract the biting tsetse fly which is not pleasant!


African game drives vary in length of time and terrain and each region offers unique differences to both amounts and varieties of wild life seen.  Usually departing early morning and late afternoon or even for a nocturnal game drive the vehicle used will be crucial to your experience.  A 4×4 may be open sided, have a pop up roof or have a roof a bit like an awning to allow maximum wildlife viewing opportunities.


Safari lodges in Africa usually have their own game drives and experienced guides to take you on a nature adventure via their trusty 4WD.  Your game drive may be just a couple of hours long or include a full day excursion with a picnic lunch in the bush while travelling overland in search of wildlife – elephants, cheetah, zebra, giraffes and more.