Swooping in a micro light over the Victoria Falls, cruising above Kruger National Park, and soaring along the Durban Coastline is certainly an exhilarating and thrilling adventure to partake in while in Africa.


A micro light flight is incredible, the craft is so small its like riding a flying lawnmower!  Feel the wind in your hair and although you are exposed to the elements, you are safely strapped in and flown by a professional.


Incredible views are achieved at 1500 feet aboard a micro light flight.  A micro light flight gives you the adrenaline rush while observing incredible African wildlife from a completely different perspective.  There are no traffic jams on a micro light flight!


A micro light flight over Africa unique and spectacular terrain has to be the ultimate safari experience for the adrenaline junkie.  Travelling around 80 km, seeking the wild game below with a 360 degree vision is an unforgettable experience.


Victoria Falls is a spectacular sight at ground level but from the air, while mimicking what it must be like to be a bird certainly take the meaning ‘birds eye view’ literally.  A micro light flight must be surely on a thrill seekers bucket list and certainly will live up to your expectations.