Etosha means a ‘place of dry water’ or ‘large white place’ and is dominated by the huge pancake flat Etosha pan.  Going on an Etosha safari will definitely create memories to treasure forever.  Maybe you visit a tribal centre of the local Herero people, witnessing great African sunsets or stay up late to stargaze in the clear night skies.  It is one of the best places to see the endangered black rhino and the cheetah but you will encounter many desert specialists like the springbok and gemsbok as well as elephant giraffe, lion, leopard and zebra.


A Namibian highlight would include experiencing an Etosha safari hoping to spot the endangered Black Rhino or may you might be lucky enough to see a cheetah or elusive leopard.


Observe the fascinating African wildlife aboard an Etosha safari in the national park. Travel in an open safari vehicle will maximise viewing opportunities.


The elegant markings of this male Oryx are a reflection of how incredible nature can be.  This Oryx is found with other herd members at a water hole in Etosha large salt pan.  The vast salt pan makes up a quarter of the Etosha reserve which although looks inhospitable provides a home for these hardy animals.  Elephants provide a key element in keeping the water holes open during the dry season, they use their tusks for digging.


Having a break on an Etosha Safari while observing elephants hogging the Halali rest camp waterhole.