On a small group safari your travel arrangements should always include breakfast daily plus most meals throughout your safari. This certainly helps with your budgeting.

When you are planning a trip to Africa, South Africa is a great place for those active relaxers; something different each day can be experienced from wine tasting to wildlife viewing, cable car riding to taking a cruise on the tranquil waters on Blyde River Dam, South Africa offers so much.

On everyone’s bucket list must be a trip to Africa. From seeing the incredible wildlife migration in the East, to the colourful sand dunes in the west, the friendliest locals in the heart, thundering waterfalls in the centre to wine tasting and surfing in the south, Africa is a continent of wonders.

One of the best times to travel Africa, would be during the Australian winter months through to spring. Not only do you miss Australia’s cool and wet season, it is winter in Africa which is surprisingly dry. The trees have less leaves on them and the waterholes are teaming with African wildlife making it ideal viewing.

As a senior traveller planning on holidaying in Africa it is recommended that you travel on a small group safari. This will allow more flexibility to insure individual needs and comforts are catered for allowing a more relaxed holiday.

By rotating seating arrangements while on a safari allows all travellers the benefit of maximum wildlife viewing.

Accommodation on a Traveljoy safari is handpicked to ensure that each traveller has a uniquely African experience while on safari.

An African holiday experience is likely to be on every travellers list of destinations that they must visit and as Africa is such a large continent it is most likely that one trip will be enough.

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