Kruger National Park in South Africa is very popular destination for sighting all of the Big Five however due to the elusive nature of the leopard;  you may see the big four instead.  The Leopard is often the hardest to spot.

A typical African phrase we use in the bush; this is wild Africa. When you are in the wild, you learn to love and respect nature, both its animals and elements can be both overwhelmingly beautiful but also unique to this special continent.

Wild Africa can be best experienced on a small group safari. All safaris are scheduled to departure for both the best travelling time and best game viewing seasons – all the hard work has been taken care of by the African safari specialists, Traveljoy.

The wildlife viewed on a Kenyan, Tanzanian safari during the wildebeest migration is staggering. Absolutely huge herds all migrating together for greener pastures make this an unforgettable experience.

Seeing animals in a zoo is nothing like being amongst the unique African wildlife on an African safari. The smells, the immense scale, the warmth and the beauty makes you tingle with happiness while holidaying in Africa.

Experience wildlife African style at close range, including Africa’s most endangered species, at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa.

Not only will you experience unique wildlife, African hospitality and cuisine is not to be forgotten.   Generous and welcoming spring to mind when reflecting on the people of Africa.

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