An unforgettable country with loads of incredible experiences to be had on a Zambia safari. Home to the big cats, the big elephants and the even bigger Victoria Falls, Zambia has abundant wildlife and raw wilderness, enough to share with everyone on a Zambia safari!


Farewell the Namibia, Botswana and Zambia Safari by taking a helicopter ride over the majestic Victoria falls to get a different perspective of this wonder of the world.  Time in Zambia should include some of the adventure activities that this spectacular country has to offer.  From an adventure safari which includes rafting or canoeing to a micro light experience over the falls, to an elephant back safari, your Zambian Safari can be arranged to suit your needs and desires.


Staying in Livingstone, once home to famous explorer and missionary David Livingstone, will allow you to explore the wonders that a Zambia safari can offer.


Zambia is rich with culture of over 72 ethnic groups and blends with the migratory history of European expats, Asians, Indian and Chinese – a melting pot of vibrant cultures and one of the most welcoming nations in the world.  Zambian safaris offer a huge choice of transportation from a range of guided 4WD specialised vehicles, walking safaris, canoeing safaris, photographic safaris, lion walks, elephant trails and more.  Variety allows you experience the rich colours and dynamic wildlife of Africa up close and personal with the safety and expertise of experienced guides.


Zambia of course is known for one of the wonders of the natural world; the mighty Victoria Falls but as a water rich country, there are 17 other beautiful waterfalls that can be seen on a Zambian safari.  These waterfalls are blessed from three major rivers, several smaller tributaries, lakes and floodplains which also make it home to numerous African wildlife including buffalo, cheetah, elephant, hippo, antelope, lion, leopards, cheetah, warthogs ,wild dogs, zebra and more including colourful reptiles and beautiful birdlife.  A Zambian safari will allow you to experience the beauty that Zambia countryside has to offer.