Swaziland; a country full of diversity, attractions, African wildlife, beautiful culture and activities is the smallest country by size in the southern hemisphere.  It is a kingdom with the current King Mswati III having 15 concurrent wives and 25 children.  He has the absolute monarch and unfortunately this may have led to the detriment of the imbalance of wealth when the countries poor starve.  Despite poverty there is an overwhelming friendliness of the people making all visitors to Swaziland feel truly welcome and safe.


Swaziland is a very interesting country and on a Swaziland tour you can see some incredible rock paintings and fossils dating back to the stone age era.  Learn the culture and create beautiful memories by visiting cultural villages or even stay at a traditional homesteads.  Hopefully you will be on time to sample some mealie bread made from ground maize cooked over an open fire.



There are glorious walking trails in Swaziland where brilliant game viewing can be spotted with the help of a guide. Maybe try a big game drive to meet any of the Big Five in one of the protected nature reserves. It is a naturally beautiful country with gorges and waterfalls, majestic mountains – perfect to go on a horse trail!


Vibrant handcrafted arts and crafts can be found at Swaziland markets.  You will find plenty of choice for that perfect memento to take home when you travel on a Swaziland tour.  Swaziland is world famous for candle making of traditional African animals – you can also find beautiful African figurines of African wildlife at the glass factory which uses recycled glass.  Mohair items, in particular, wall tapestries are found in Swaziland and treasured around the world.


A highlight of a Swaziland tour would includes some of the adventure attractions like paragliding, rafting, hiking, adventure caving, rock climbing or even visiting a cultural diviner.