Lesotho is a small, beautiful and culturally rich, landlocked country surrounded by South Africa with a population of over two million.  The alpine country is definitely worth visiting as is uniquely different to its surrounding country of South Africa.  Taking a Lesotho tour would be the most practical and educational experience to visit this underrated travel destination.



Incredibly 230 million year old dinosaur footprints, fossilised bones, trees plants and shells can be found in Lesotho in a town called Quthing.  Take a Quthing tour to ensure that you don’t miss these spectacular treasures, sometimes local children will take you to them for a small tip.


While in South Africa venture into another world and another country not far from Durban; Lesotho.  The countryside here is mostly pristine highland with plateaus, hills and snow capped mountains.  Unfortunate droughts have caused locals to sort international food aid in the past. Normally each year brings rains and the  high altitudes assist with the lush grounds.  A tour through Lesotho is recommended taking you to scenic areas, historic places and to meet beautiful cultures.


Be prepared for four seasons in one day on a Lesotho tour as more than 80% of the country is 1,800 m above sea level and pretty exposed.  These are well constructed shepherd shelters to protect themselves from the sometimes harsh climate.  Tours through Lesotho may be on horseback, safari vehicle, trekking and hiking.  There are interesting wildlife opportunities to be found on a Lesotho tour like meerkats, jackals, mountain reedbuck, baboon, rare birds and vultures.


Maseru is the capital and the largest city in Lesotho is usually the base to start your Lesatho tour to the unique country, spectacular sceney, culturally rich people, and historically interesting war country.  A visit to Kome Caves, a natural heritage site and remarkable 19 century village and home built into caves will be a certain highlight on a tour around Lesatho.