Ethiopia is a country of huge contrasts, it is awe inspiring and heartbreaking and a an Ethiopian Safari will be a  journey that you wont forget.  It is not a country for the faint hearted as it tough both physically and mentally but it is a country full of treasures.


The impressive Facilada’s Palace in Gonder is an amazing reminder of immense wealth that was once present in Ethiopia.  The 70,000 sw meter World Heritage compound of castles and palaces is now being restored by Unesco and trained guides on a Ethiopian Safari can ‘bring the history back to life’.


A traveller to Harar will definitely benefit from travelling with the guided experience while on a Ethiopian safari.  Nearly 400 alleyways, animated markets, numerous mosques and shrines and of course charming locals compact into this small 1km sq World Heritage listed area.


Explore Ethiopia;  it is the home to one of the worlds oldest Christian traditions.

Some of the top things to do while on an Ethopian Safari would be to include high Siemen Mountains National Park with its large highland baboon population, the Ethiopian wolf and elegant large horned walia Ibex.  A visit to the monolithic rock cut churches at Lalibela is not only a centre of pilgrimage but spectacle to behold while the ruins of the ancient city of  Askum you can find massive ruins and monolithic obelisks, royal tombs, giant stelae and castles.  Bale Mountains National Park is a haven for hikers, wildlife watchers culture and nature enthusiasts.  You can shop for honey and local coffee, fish or see the spectacular diverse landscapes from Rafu rock pinnacles, afro-monane Sanette plateau, lakes and swamps and even the lush Harenna Forest.  For the brave and adventurous, the rock-hewn churches of Tigray – in particular the worlds most dangerous church of Abuna Yemata Guh which is perched on top of a vertical spire of rock with 200 meter drops on all sides is certainly a challenge.  Take an Ethopian safari to experience culture, spectacular wildlife, ancient and present history and diverse landscapes.


It is wise to leave all your preconceived ideas of Ethiopia behind.  Yes, a lot of the people are poor, the roads are rough and population is large but Ethiopia is full of beauty, huge history, immense beauty of both the scenery and the people.  Lake Tana is large, approx. 85 km long by 66 km wide and home to numerous species of fish.  It is most known for its beautiful monasteries with lovely artwork.