Africa is rated as a top birding destination and South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Namibia are the best four countries to experience a birding safari.


Africa is a huge continent with a vast geographical range including wetlands, montane forests, marshes, deserts, alpines and coastlines making it a perfect destination for a variety of bird watching safaris.  Each country in Africa has a range of endemic bird species making it special in its own right.  You will definitely enjoy a birding safari in Africa but choose your country and season correctly to ensure you spot your target species.


The Lesser Flamingo with their striking pink colours, elegant neck and long legs are perfect for even the amateur photographer.  A birding safari however will take you to the best lakes that Africa has and allows time to capture the essence of these beautiful birds.


Choosing a safari specific to your interests is where birding safaris come into place.  Not only will your guide be an expert in their field but they can take you to the best locations for quiet bird watching.  By travelling on a birding safari you will be travelling with like minded folk who you can share you love of the feathered variety.


The African Shoebill is one of my favourite bird species to see on an African birding safari.  Also called the King Whale-Head, it is definitely the swamp king but it reminds me on a prehistoric bird with its enormous beak which can measure 20 cm wide let alone their massive feet.  If you wish to spot this 6 kg feathered friend on a bird safari you are best to visit the marshy areas of Uganda, Rwanda or Zambia.