A lion encounter or Lion Walk offers the chance to walk with this magnificent species in its homeland.  A lion walk is a fantastic adventure which operates in Livingstone and Victoria Falls so makes a perfect excursion after your Victoria Falls viewing.


A walk with lion cubs is the first stage of the Lion Walk conservation programme.  The walk allows the young lions to practise their hunting and stalking techniques in their natural environment.


The lions at the Lion Walk encounter have been hand raised and born in captivity.  They however are not trained so are considered wild animals but due to their social and lazy nature it is likely that you will get close to the cubs on a Lion Walk.


An African safari is not complete without a Lion walk encounter.  Conveniently located in both Zambia and Zimbabwe sides of the border from the mighty Victoria Falls so you can easily extend your stay to include this incredible encounter.  The Lion walk itself lasts approx. 1 to 1 1/4 hours and may be one of the most special memories of your life.


Its important to dress correctly while taking a Lion Encounter Walk.  The lion cubs are just like kittens and would love to play with dangling scarf’s and tassels however due to their size this is not going to be a comfortable outcome. Bright clothing is not permitted on a Lion walk as the purpose is to rehabilitate the cubs into the wild allowing them to play, hunt and enjoy their natural countryside.