A elephant back safari would have be one of the most memorable experiences that anyone can participate in.  Viewing the world above the trees from the backs of thee intelligent giants.

A little tip while on an elephant back safari would be to wear long trousers for the comfort of the journey as you will be on the elephant back or custom made saddle and not platform and chairs like in Thailand.  An elephant back safari in Africa allows you to experience nature with nature.  Learn all about these majestic animals, the surrounding wildlife and unique African fauna while on a trip of a lifetime.


Elephant back safaris can be experienced in numerous places around Africa including Kruger Park area, near Addo National Park, near Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta.  Elephant back safaris in the Okavango Delta certainly creates a different perspective than the other areas as you meander on by elephant back through the waterways.  Often within a hairs breadth of other game species which remain unaware that there are people aboard.  An incredible experience to treasure.


Another memory created while on Elephant back safari would be that younger elephants often join the party.  The young often wander off and charge back, frolic and splash in the water, play and generally act like little children.  A very entertaining day.


If the opportunity arises to experience an African elephant back safari, do not hesitate as it will certainly become one of your highlights while in Africa.  A morning ride is the most popular as the elephants are nice and fresh plus to see the sunrise is beautiful too.