A walking safari in Africa would be great but imagine seeing all the Big 5 on a walking Safari, now that takes the cake!


Under the guidance and protection of professional rangers can give you the chance to see all of the big five African wildlife on a unique Big 5 Walking safari.  You will not be able to see all the big five throughout all of Africa but selected regions like the malaria free game reserve of Kololo Game Reserve in South Africa is definitely one that you can.


Enjoy Africa up close on a Big 5 Walk.  This has to be one of the most thrilling experiences to spot the 5 most ‘wanted’ African creatures.  Originally chosen for being the most difficult to hunt, they are now possibly the most difficult to spot!!!  A walking safari allows you to connect with the earth and abundant life forms where you can walk amongst the vegetation and wildlife at natures pace.


A specialist guide will escort you throughout a big five walk in Africa not only for your safety but also they are the most expertly trained people to help you understand Africa, its culture, plant use, wild game conservation at a pace you instigate.  There is always plenty of time for photography and as nature does what it wants to when you can deviate your walk to suit.


Take a walk on the wild side, become one with natured, immerse yourself with sights smells, sounds, birds and new experiences on a Big 5 Walk.  Early morning and afternoon walks best coincide with the animals habits making it the best time for viewing.