Africa provides some of the most spectacular scenery, conditions and best viewing opportunities to participate in a Balloon Safari.


A very early start is required when taking a Balloon safari ie 4:30 am so be prepared for this! It is the best time to witness the sun rising and the African wildlife starting their day.  Its a good time for no breeze so you can float peacefully above the African countryside.  A hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti plains is a beautiful experience, maybe witness the large wildebeest herds migrating before enjoying a scrumptious champagne breakfast on completion.


Experience breathtaking views from the comfort of a hot air balloon safari.  Witness one of the great natural wonders of the world when great herds of wildebeest and zebra migrate over the wide open grasslands and cross meandering rivers.  A hot air balloon safari has to be one of the most truly memorable experiences that Africa offers.


A hot air balloon safari is like an adventurous flying game drive!   The abundance of wildlife witnessed from the sky is a unique experience as is the spectacle of the acacia trees, large grassy savannahs and beautiful landscape colours. Note, it will be cold early in the morning and due to the elevation of the flight warm clothes are certainly recommended.


Imagine a cool, clear morning where the sun is rising and you are floating over one of the most famous savannahs in the world.  Watch lions resting just meters below you, a mass of silver/grey shapes of the adult wildebeest and the brown colour of their young and see hippos bathing in the water from a hot air balloon safari is a spectacular way to start your day!